The Work Of Santi Zoraidez
Art Direction and Design for Brands, Agencies and Studios ︎ Worldwide

Art Direction and Design for Brands, Agencies and Studios  ︎  Worldwide

Santi Zoraidez was born in Buenos Aires and spent many years living and working in Copenhagen and Berlin, before recently returning to his native country to continue his practice.
The magical thing about Santi’s work — and what keeps clients returning to work with him again and again — is that it’s not initially easy to work out exactly how he creates such captivating digital images. One minute you think you’re looking at a photograph, then suddenly it’s an animation, or a digital illustration in motion.

His incomparable ability to merge excellent illustration with groundbreaking digital effects leads him to work with companies who want to constantly show they’re at the forefront of creativity: brands such as Apple, Nike and Ikea to name a few.
If you’re looking for someone to create a truly spellbinding piece of moving illustration or genuinely digital rendering — look no further than Santi, he’s at the top of his game.

LG Signature ︎ I have had the pleasure of working together with LGSignature on the creation of these eight short videos as part of the campaign called "The Art of Essence". It was really nice experience with a big brand that trusted in my work and taste and gave me enough freedom to express ideas let my art grow up! Thanks for having me! Enjoy :)