LG Signature. The Art of Essence.

I have had the pleasure of working together with LGSignature on the creation of these short videos as part of the campaign called "The Art of Essence". It was really nice experience with a big brand that trusted in my work and tast and gave me enough freedom to express ideas let my art grow up!

Featured on Behance!

Directed and Produced by Santi Zoraidez Studio

Art Direction & Design: Santi Zoraidez
Animation: Facu Labo / Damián Stricker
Music & Sound Design: Gast Ibarroule / Aimar Molero

Client: LG Electronics

︎ Santi’s online portfolio is a selection of both final projects and ‘in progress’ work (in no particular order) as well a graphic style and a stylish vision. A distinctive manner to approach ideas and transmit concepts & feelings. Enjoy!