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Santi Zoraidez is a visionary Art Director and Designer renowned for his exceptional work across a spectrum of disciplines, including Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, and 3D Art. With an innate ability to seamlessly blend digital and physical realms, Santi crafts captivating visual experiences that push the boundaries of creativity.

Born in Argentina, Santi's journey has taken him across continents, from the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires to the creative hubs of Copenhagen, Berlin, and now Barcelona, where he currently resides. Drawing inspiration from his diverse cultural experiences, Santi infuses his projects with a rich tapestry of influences, resulting in work that resonates on a global scale.

Santi's distinctive style is characterized by his mastery of space, color, and inventiveness, creating projects imbued with a modern and fresh aesthetic. His portfolio showcases intricate CGI set designs, dynamic motion graphics, and a bold use of vibrant hues, all underscored by a profound sense of depth and dimensionality.

Throughout his career, Santi has collaborated with industry titans such as Apple, Nike, and Google, leaving an indelible mark on the design landscape. His client roster also includes esteemed advertising agencies and innovative studios, reflecting his versatility and adaptability in delivering groundbreaking creative solutions.

With an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Santi Zoraidez continues to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide with his visionary approach to Art Direction and Design.

Santi’s work has been highlighted on Behance, Creators, Designboom, Designcollector, Fubiz, Frame Magazine, Grafik, Motionographer, Stash and WeTransfer among others.

Featured clients include
Android, Apple, Asics, Asus, Bulgari, Cassina, Ford, Google Creative Lab, HBO, Helsinki Design Museum, Ikea, Jordan Brand, Lexus, LG Signature, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Nokia, Oreo, Qualcomm, Samsung, Timberland, Van Cleef & Arpels, Vitra.

Aixsponza, F°am, Frame, ManvsMachine, More and More, Nexus, NotToScale, Punga, Someform, Tendril, The Mill, Zeitguised.

︎ Santi’s online portfolio is a selection of both final projects and ‘in progress’ work (in no particular order) as well a graphic style and a stylish vision. A distinctive manner to approach ideas and transmit concepts & feelings. Enjoy!